Thursday, July 12, 2012

Orange Beach

We enjoyed a relaxing weekend in Orange Beach with our friends Lynsi and Rob and their kids. Rob's family owns a condo at the Turquoise Place and my gosh was it nice! I let them both know we are always up for a trip down there with them.

We don't spend enough time with their family, and I wish we would spend more time with them. I see Lynsi almost everyday at work, but our families need to spend more time together. We had such a good time.

When I said relaxing, I meant it. We never even went out to eat except for on our way home. Rob and Matt were our chefs Saturday night, and they cooked a feast. We didn't get to eat until 11 pm, and I was half asleep but the fish, crab cakes, rice, roasted veggies, and everything else was great.

This was Collin's first trip to the beach, and I really think he enjoyed himself. He's been fighting an ear infection and was feeling really bad on our way down but seem to pep up on Saturday and Sunday. He liked playing in the sand on the beach and he liked the zero-entry pool. I need one of those at my house!

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