Friday, January 30, 2015

Snaggle tooth

Well Collin is now sans his front two teeth... 
Poor little guy hit them last Christmas and unfortunately the teeth died and became abscessed and had to come out. We did that mid-January. I was so worried about him but he came through like a champ. 

He asked when his teeth were coming back... We had to tell him that it might be a while. Like a long while. 

He's as cute as a button with out the teeth and is excited to show them (or the absence of them rather) to everyone. 

Here are some before pictures. I think he was a little nervous. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My boys

These two little men... 

On this particular morning were so happy and excited to get their picture taken. All I have to do is talk Collin into something being an idea and little brother Jack is right behind him joining in happily. 

We were heading to Mobile for Matt to her fitted for a tux and have lunch. 

The night before I had finally finished up on repainting the boys dark mahogany bathroom cabinets to light gray using chalk paint.  I was happy with the results. The room seems lighter and brighter and cleaner now. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Part 1

It's the Saturday night after Thanksgiving, and I'm sad that my 10 day break from work is coming to an end. I'm going to reminisce for a minute while I'm watching tv in the playroom and Matt is in the other living room snoring after the harsh Bulldog loss today. 

My time off started last Friday, and Matt took that day off as well so we took the boys to Collin's most requested place... Chucky Cheese. We went to the one in Gulfport which ended up being way nicer than Mobile.
 We stopped by Amanda's on our way to Gulfport for Jack's first big boy haircut. He now looks so much like Collin it's crazy. Of course, it made him look older. His hair had gotten so long it was most definitely time.  

The next morning Matt, Jim, Christie and I headed to Starkville for our last Mississippi State home game of the season. It's always hard to believe how fast the season passes each year especially this phenomenal one! 
For the first time in a very long time we went somewhere after a game other than to bed! We went to the Dawghouse downtown since Matt and I were staying at Hotel Chester anyhow. We enjoyed ourselves. We laughed at how obviously older we are... We still have fun though. 

We came home Sunday and rested and played with the boys. It's crazy how much we miss them even for the night. They had a good time at Granny and Pop's especially on the by-side-by-side (as Collin calls it). 

The four of them took it up to Aunt Cindy and Uncle Greg's to ride it. 

Looks like they had fun and Jack got a little hungry!